Chao He

Structural analysis of Stc1 provides insights into the coupling of RNAi and chromatin modification. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A [Full Text].

Sai Li

Sterical hindrance promotes selectivity of the autophagy cargo receptor NDP52 for the danger receptor galectin-8 in antibacterial autophagy. Science Signal [Full Text]. (Highlighted by Faculty of 1000, F1000 Microbiology).

Weiwei Wang & Lijun Wang

Hfq-bridged ternary complex is important for translation activation of rpoS by DsrA. Nucleic Acids Res [Full Text].

Chao He & Fudong Li

The methyltransferase NSD3 has chromatin-binding motifs, PHD5-C5HCH, that are distinct from other NSD (nuclear receptor SET domain) family members in their histone H3 recognitions. J Biol Chem [Full Text].


gds 龚德顺, 2013年六月在本实验室获得博士学位,将前往清华大学施一公实验室进行博士后研究

hc 何超,2013年三月获得博士学位,在安徽大学生命科学学院任职。

lfd 李福东,2013年三月获得博士学位,在BioNMR实验室进行博士后研究。

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